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      英语(二)试题 课程代码:00015


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      下面的短文后列出了10个句子,请根据短文的内容对每个句子作出判断:如果 该句提供的是正确信息,选择A; 如果该句提供的是错误信息,选择 B; 如果该句的信息文中没有提及,选择 C。在答题纸相应位置上将答案选项涂黑。

      Do You Love Your Dog More Than Humans?

      Elizabeth Anderson once had a dog named Grace.She and her husband cared for Grace and tried to keep her out of trouble.They took her on vacations and enjoyed her company around the house.When Grace died at age 14,they were deeply upset.Because Grace was a dog,“I was unable to talk to anyone about this great grief,”says Anderson.

      “But it's common to feel that way after the loss of a dog,”says Stanley Coren,a professor of psychology.“Our relationship with dogs is simple.Some might call it true love.”

      The bond between people and their dogs is a lot like love.In one recent study,when the dogs and their owners just looked at each other,they both had a higher level of the hormone (荷尔蒙)associated with love.“It is very natural to form a bond between dogs and humans,” says Takefumi Kikusui,author of the study.“But we found the same can't be said for humans and wolves.”

      “Dogs are man's best friend,”says Coren.“We've trained them to be that way.We invented the dog to fit in our lives.For 14,000 years,we've been creating an animal which understands our communications and we understand its communications.They have a bond with us.”For example,if a person points to something in a distance,a dog will look in the direction of the finger,just like a human.But what about a wolf?“It would simply look at the finger,”Coren says.

      For Anderson,dogs are more lovable than humans.She says,“They try their best to please us.They want to do whatever we want to do.Their love is not limited.They are good at all the things we enjoy in a relationship.”

      1.Grace became a member of Anderson's family at 14.

      A.True B.False C.Not Given

      2.Anderson enjoyed her time with Grace.

      A.True B.False C.Not Given

      3.Grace died in an accident.

      A.True B.False C.Not Given

      4.Coren does not understand people's grief over the loss of their dogs.

      A.True B.False C.Not Given 5.The bond between humans and dogs can be compared to love.

      A.True B.False C.Not Given

      6.Dogs have the hormone associated with love.

      A.True B.False C.Not Given

      7.Kikusui knows why wolves are different from dogs.

      A.True B.False C.Not Given

      8.Man started to train dogs 14,000 years ago.

      A.True B.False C.Not Given

      9.A wolf understands human communications.

      A.True B.False C.Not Given

      10.Anderson finds humans more lovable than dogs.

      A.True B.False C.Not Given


      阅读下面短文,请从短文后所给各题的4个选项 (A 、B 、C 、D) 中选出1个最佳 选项,并在答题纸相应位置上将该项涂黑。

      Marta Garcia:Inspired by Technology

      Marta Garcia is a high school senior.In the past years she has been working on a variety of projects.The projects are part of her work with Techbridge,a nonprofit organization. Techbridge was set up in 2000 to increase the number of women in science,technology, engineering and math (STEM).It offers a range of after-school activities for students.

      Techbridge focuses on learning by doing.It attracts Marta's interest.“When I was a kid,” says Marta,“I wasn't into English.I was really into technology and math.My older sister was in Techbridge.She encouraged me to join.It was something for me to do after school.I found it pretty fun. ’

      Marta has created a complex music-making machine.Her latest project is a digital piano, which shows how far her STEM skills have advanced.Marta's instructors have been following her progress closely.“I've seen her master STEM skills,”says Techbridge CEO Linda Kekelis.“She's very confident to face challenges.She isn't afraid of temporary setbacks. ”

      Marta plans to attend Smith College this fall.She is still drawn to math and technology.

      But she does not want to be limited to one particular course of study.

      “I'm not sure what I want to do after college graduation,”says Marta.“I know a STEM career is an option.”The future will be filled with jobs that require STEM skills.So her love  of technology and her experience with Techbridge will serve her well.

      11.Techbridge was set up to

      A.train women teachers B.offer jobs for students

      C.teach STEM at school D.help girls learn STEM

      12.Marta Garcia works with Techbridge to

      A.develop her interest B.finish her education

      C.improve her English D.please her older sister

      13.Linda Kekelis is impressed by Marta Garcia's

      A.knowledge B.interests C.confidence D.instructions

      14.The word“setbacks”(Para.3)most probably means" . ”

      A.advances B.difficulties C.activities D.projects

      15.Marta Garcia's experience with Techbridge will

      A.help her finish university B.benefit her in the future

      C.limit her to a STEM job D.let her take fewer courses


      阅读下面短文,请完成短文后的2项测试任务:(1)从第16~20题后所给的6个 选项中为第①~6段每段选择1个正确的小标题;(2)从第21~25题后所给的6个选 项中选择5个正确选项,分别完成每个句子。在答题纸相应位置上将答案选项涂黑。

      How to Create a Five-Year Career Plan

      ① More and more people choose to make a five-year career plan.They think that the plan can help them to learn where they would like to go in the future.In fact,with a five-year plan, you can document the progress you have already made in your chosen career.You can also learn where you are likely to be heading in the future.

      ② The initial step is to think about an end goal.This can help you to gain focus on your career.When you are seting your end goal,make sure that you do not choose a job purely based on its salary.Though salaries for the job may be high now,demand often changes over time.

      ③ The next step is to get an adviser.An adviser is generally a person who has achieved success in the career that you wish to take.Ideally,an adviser can give you sound career advice.Make sure that you choose your adviser carefully as they may provide you with great insight.

      ④ Next,you will need to think about the abilities that you will need to fulfill your career plan.Assess your current work experience and past education;figure out any specific skills or knowledge you already have;identify any gaps that you will need to fill in order to meet your end goal;and list any opportunities that you can take to improve the skills or knowledge that you have identified

      6 Finally,you will need to identify the jobs that you would like to take.If you feel that you already have the required skills and knowledge,apply for them.Even if you fail to get one, you will gain some invaluable knowledge
    from the interview.



      What Does Happiness Mean?

      Happiness in life differs for all of us.. 26 Very often we are happy,but we just don't realize it.If you think about what actually makes you happy,you might find you have those things already around you.

      Your happiness depends entirely on you. 27 It is something inside you that you have to find and work towards.You can take positive action and make changes to your life or yourself in order to achieve happiness.

      28 The first step for you to do so is to look at your feelings and ask yourself questions such as “if I could be enjoying something in my life,what would it be?"and“what makes me feel satisfied in my life right now?”Once you understand what your idea of happiness is,you can build on what you have now or focus on changing your life to what you would like it to be.

      The important thing to do is to examine your feelings by way of the answers you give to your questions. 29 You should also focus on the good or bad feelings you get from your questions and answers.

      Happiness is something that is already right there inside you.You just have to realize what it is and bring it out to start enjoying life.It can be found in family life,work, relationships,nature or a pet,to name just a few. 30 The point is where to look.You should look in the right direction,that is,your inner self.

      A.No one else can give it to you.

      B.You should examine them honestly.

      C.Happiness is easy to define.

      D.You should understand what happiness means to you.

      E.Actually,it can be found in anything and any situation.

      F.What makes one person happy may not bring happiness to another.


      下面的短文有10处空白,短文后列出12个词,其中10个取自短文,请根据短文 内容将其分别放回原有位置,以恢复文章原貌,并在答题纸相应位置上将答案选项涂黑。

      Tips for Improving Your Body Image Some people think that they need to change how they look or act to feel good about themselves.But actually all you need to 31 is change the way you see your body and how you think about yourself.

      The first thing to do is 32 that your body is your own.If you're very worried about your weight or size,- 33 with your doctor to verify that things are OK.But it's no one's business but your own what your body is like.Ultimately,you have to be happy with yourself.

      34 identify which aspects of your appearance you can 35 change and which you can't.Everyone has things about themselves that they can't change and need to accept, like their height,for example,or their shoe size.

      If there are 36 about yourself that you want to change and can change(such as how fit you are),do this by setting .37 for yourself.For example,if you want to get fit, 38 make a plan to exercise every day and eat 39 foods.Then keep track of your 40_until you reach your goal.Meeting a challenge you set for yourself is a great way to boost self-esteem!










      J. method


      L realistically






      Does Watching TV Relieve Stress?

      After a tough day,you may possibly (possible)turn on the TV.Getting 41 (lose)in your favorite show seems like an 42 (effect)way to relax.But it may make thingsworse.

      It is 43 (general) believed that watching TV can 44 (able) people to relax.It provides a temporary escape from stresses.However,the same can't be -45 (say)for those who are busy and 46_(tire).Those people can feel guilty about 47_ (spend) so much time in front of the TV.They tend to see it as a form of procrastination(拖延).In other 48 (word) ,they are avoiding other important things out of . 49 (lazy) .They feel they are giving in to TV.That feeling - 50 (keep) them from relaxing.




      某英文报社正在举办题为 “Online Shopping” 的征文活动。请你根


      ● 你所了解的网上购物情况

      ● 你对网上购物的看法



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